Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is my money? 


After your money’s been sent, Fast Pace sends you a confirmation email as well real time updates on the app/website to inform you about the status of your transaction. In case of any problem/issue with your transaction, please contact our customer care team for support: email - or call us on WhatsApp us on + 233 55 167 7766 (GHANA) and +44 7825 913493 (UNITED KINGDOM). Fast Pace Representatives are always ready and eager to assist you.


  1. How do I start? 


If you are new to Fast Pace, it might be worthwhile checking out our infograph below on how to sign up and how Fast Pace works.


  1. How can I send money? 


At Fast Pace we want you to have options, not just options but fast, quick and secure options. You can send money to: 


  1. Cash Pick Up – Pick up your money from one of our various Pay Out partners
  2. Mobile Money – Fast Pace supports all Mobile Money Wallets – MTN, AIRTELTIGO and VODAFONE.
  3. Bank Account- Send money straight to any bank account in Ghana. 

    1. Where can I send money from and where can I send money to? 


    For now, you can send money from the United Kingdom to Ghana, Nigeria and Gambia. Do not worry!! We are expanding. We are looking to expand to North America, Canada and Europe to allow the transfer of money from the diaspora. We are also expanding our geographical coverage; so very soon, one can send money to all of Sub-Saharan Africa from these countries. 


    1. How do I pay for the money transfer? 


    You can pay for your transfer using Visa/Mastercard Debit Card and Credit Cards. 



    1. How do I cancel a transaction that I have made?


    If you wish to cancel a transaction you have made, please contact Fast Pace as soon as possible. After a transaction is paid out, we will not be able to refund the transaction, so it is important you contact us as soon as possible to minimise this possibility. Please contact us at or on WhatsApp on + 233 55 167 7766 (GHANA) and +44 7825 913493 (UNITED KINGDOM)


    1. How long does a refund take?

    Once the transaction has been cancelled, a refund usually takes up to 15 working days to be credited back to you, depending on your payment method. This can, however, vary dependent upon the payment option and provider you have chosen. 



    1. How do I know if my transaction has been cancelled?


    As soon as your transaction has been cancelled, we’ll send you an email to let you know the cancellation has taken effect. You can also check the status of your transaction from the 'transfer history' section on our app or website. Transactions usually take up to 15 working days to be credited back to you once the transaction has been cancelled.


    1. Can I recall a paid transaction?


    In some circumstances we are able to attempt to recall a paid mobile money and bank transfer transactions, but this is not always guaranteed. Cash pickup transfers which are paid are unable to be recalled. Please contact Fast Pace Transfer as soon as possible if you think you may need to recall a transaction.


    1. How safe is Fast Pace?


    Fast Pace is a financial institution and we're regulated (in the UK) by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Our website and apps are specifically designed to ensure we are protecting your account from unauthorised access. We implement strict verification processes to ensure that we identify all of our customers fully. This makes sure we protect genuine people and deter criminals. We have teams dedicated to the monitoring of customer accounts and transactions for signs of unusual activity.


    1. Why does Fast Pace need to verify me?


    As a financially regulated company we are required by law to verify all of our customers. We will contact you if we require anything from you, so please ensure you check your emails regularly after you’ve created your transfer.


    1. What is identity verification?


    As a financially regulated company we are required by law to verify all of our customers. Part of this process is identity verification. Typically, this involves collecting a copy of a Government issued ID from you. You can upload your ID securely at any time on our apps or web-based platform  


    1. What is a Cash Pick Up transfer?


    A cash pick up transfer is when a recipient of a transfer goes to a supporting location to pick up physical cash. 

    1. When will transfers be available for collection?


    Transfers are available for collection as soon as the transfer is processed successfully. 


    1. Is the recipient charged any fees when collecting cash?


    No, the recipient should not pay any money for collecting cash from a pay-out location. 


    1. What does the recipient need to collect cash pick up transfer?


    The recipient needs the following when picking up cash transfer:


    • A valid National ID showing the recipient’s full name.  Make sure that the name used for the transaction matches the name on the ID 
    • The transfer reference number that was sent to the recipient when the transfer was created and processed. The sender could also send the information to the recipient upon successful processing of transaction.


    1. In what currency will the recipient receive the transfer?


    The recipient will receive the transfer in the local currency. Foreign currencies will be paid for transfers only in permitted jurisdictions.

    Cash Pickup Process